Tuesday, September 7, 2010

something i could never do

i'm alot different from my mom. anyone who knew her and knows me, knows this. a good example would be sofa pillows. my mom did NOT like anyone laying on her sofa pillows (except my husband, he was always excluded from the rules and could do pretty much whatever he wanted...but that's for another blog) she even bought extra pillows so if we wanted to snooze on the sofa, we could rest our weary head on a "less fancy" pillow. she was funny that way, and i loved her for it.

this is what i let my kids do with my pillows...

they refer to this as "monster pillow." they gather pretty much every pillow in our house, form a huge pile and dive into them. they LOVE it. it makes me laugh b/c they love it so much and makes me laugh even harder b/c i can hear my mom's voice and her concern over "monster pillow."

however...i'm quite certain, nonna would've let her grandkids do some form of monster pillow. even if it meant she spent money on "less fancy" pillows...she would've given into their pleas. she was just cool like that.


Sara said...

THIS IS AWESOME! I'm piling up our pillows and playing this game immediately. You rock!

J'Layne said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! I remember when I was little we couldn't sit on the bed...it wrinkled the bedspread and it weakened the mattress! And if sitting on the sofa, don't crush the pillows..PHHTT :p! Enjoy life! Put your feet up! Chill!!