Saturday, December 18, 2010

Never Give Up

i've been contemplating writing about this...for one i'm not even sure if people read this anymore. secondly, it's personal...and while i feel i've exposed myself to some degree in my blogs, this entry is a bit more personal than most.

b and i have been through alot in the last six months. some people know a little about it, others have no idea. we're not afraid of sharing our struggles, in fact, i would hope that what we go through could encourage others and lift them up.

i lost my job back in june and when it ended i felt total peace. my idea of what was going to happen was a lot different than what did happen. that's not out of the ordinary though. i think most of the time our solutions to problems are different than God's. it's hard to get over and comprehend that my way isn't the best, i mean come on, my solution works so perfectly in my head...why would it not make sense in real life. (note the sarcasm)

nevertheless, God had different things in mind. we have struggled financially. digging deep into God and trying to hold on with all our might to His promises and His provision has not been easy. it has stretched our faith beyond anything i can comprehend...and we still have a long ways to go. but we kept fighting and got to a point of being willing to lose exaggeration. and that is a very scary yet liberating place to be.

and as we continued to hold on and press on and trust God and pray for that miracle to come. it happened. coming from somewhere completely unexpected, from someONE completely unexpected, and just like that, it was taken care of. we don't have to lose everything, we don't have to walk down a path we were welcoming and dreading at the same time, just like that, God took it, fixed it and will continue to work it out. i'm convinced.

alot has happened to try and distract me from this miracle. but i'm not going to let earthly circumstances and daily happenings take me away from what God is doing and will continue to do, as long as i abide in Him.

so i say all that to say, never give up. your miracle is coming. in a way you never imagined and can't even dream's coming.

i read this little blurb in an email b received a few days ago...i think it helps sum up my thoughts as well.

When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you trust God to do what's best, and wait on HIS time, sooner or later, you will get it, or something better.


J'Layne said...

I am ever so proud of you guys. 1)that you love the Lord and you are living it!!! Your children will rise and call you blessed..2)that you trust in Him - when it seems that's all you can do, but it's the best thing to do. I love you guys!!!! You're a great writer by the way!!!!

When Babbling makes sense said...

Really inspiring...