Tuesday, January 11, 2011


those numbers are foreign to me. i'm not the only one saying, "i can't believe it's 2011" but i really can't.
in a conversation the other day among friends, doing some calculating, realizing i have been friends with someone for over half my life. i guess it's not that unreal, i just didn't realize it. and now we're looking at the middle of january in the next few days....time DOES go by so fast.
this holiday season was good. i remain blessed. although i've had better, i do not want to sound like i'm complaining, but it wasn't what i expected at all.
the beginnning of december began with sickness for ella, followed by jake, followed by brandon, and a small cold for myself. nothing to write home about, i am extremely thankful it was nothing worse (for everyone) but i was ready for december to come to an end and that's not normal for me.
my sister came in town 3 days late due to weather...SUCKFEST and unfortunately, a close friend and a one i've been reunited with, both experienced death this december. one at the beginning of december and one the day after christmas.
i was ready for the month to be over and the new year to begin.
but this year i didn't have any resolutions. something i've tried to do every year for a while now.
all i want to do is live my life, live for the Lord, enjoy my family each and EVERY day, appreciate the small (and big) blessings, keep learning to trust in the One who holds all things and give more.
i guess you could say that is a resolution of sorts, but these are constants.
i'm learning more and more, i like a routine (i'm all for unexpected fun-ness and surprises) but i function better with my routine. that's a good quality i think, but i need not let my life become messy when the routine is broken. i need to learn to roll with it.....
so this blog is random, i felt it was time to update and maybe jot some things down that i can reflect on later.
i continue to learn from everyone around me daily and i am certainly blessed more than i deserve and more than i realize.
i want 2011 to be a monumental year.
so here's to 2011 and january being halfway over. i heard a friend say, "doesn't the beginning of january feel like a continuous monday?" i have to whole-heartedly agree. but we're well on our way.

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January is a strange month.