Monday, March 21, 2011

spring break

i loved you. you were so much fun. so relaxing. i didn't want you to end. you've made me ready for summertime. these last couple of months of school better go by fast....

would you believe i got one picture over spring break. oh well, the memories are embedded deep into my heart...who needs pictures (ha ha ha)

for real though, spring break week was pretty much perfection for me and my family.

monday was a dreary cold day. no worries though, i did housework and got my laundry done for the week. we stayed in, the kids played and watched was a good day.

tuesday we went to pops for the first time and it is really cool! the food was great and it's just all around fun atmosphere.

wednesday we headed to the zoo...along with the rest of oklahoma city's population. by the time we got there, we had sat in a line for ten minutes without moving...and that was just to park. we decided it was a no go and headed back to pops to try out their dessert. yum-o and the kids loved it yet again.

thursday we packed up the car and headed to texas for the rest of the week. we saw friends and family and enjoyed being away from home and not really having an agenda. i think the kids favorite part was staying in a hotel. i still love to do it so i understand the excitement. i have no complaints about the trip other than i didn't want to come home.

but here it is monday and today was a really great day. God is good. i know amazing things are on the horizon for me and my family and i can't wait to see what they are. i'm so blessed, for no other reason than God loves me, and that feeling is indescribable.

and that's all i have to say about that.

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