Wednesday, April 13, 2011

probably my greatest birthday ever

who knew turning 35 would be so great! i had my weekend planned. date night with my hubs on friday night and girls night with my girls on saturday. little did i know....

that these two lovelies were coming in to surprise me for my birthday. i was overwhelmed. and so friday afternoon began our 5 day extravaganza. there are many more pictures to be shared but i will only post a few and spare you every detail.
friday before ella headed to school, i treated the two of us to pedicures. we had fun!
friday night we went to mcnellies, the okc memorial, and then to kaiser's for some ice cream. a fabulous night.

on saturday my lovelies took me for a manicure. i never get those so that was a nice treat. we stayed out most of the day taking the lovely beth around to various places in our city b/c she's NEVER BEEN TO OKLAHOMA! crazy right?

on saturday night i went out with my girls. appetizers at rococo's, dinner at sauced, then back to my friend nickel's house for some drinks and cupcakes. delish and such a fun time, singing my guts out to old school songs and dancing with my sister even though i'm not good at all. oh the memories. loved every minute!!

sunday was church and a barbeque with friends then hanging out with the family that evening.

monday we went to the red earth museum and then took beth out to pops and the big red barn. we had a most excellent time. she loved pops and we were given a special VIP tour of the big red barn by sam. again, more good memories. we ended the evening with eischen's fried chicken, simply the best!

tuesday we headed to anadarko, oklahoma where i had hoped to show beth indian city usa, which unfortunately shut down last summer. would have been nice to know that BUT we did find this great street in anadarko. pretty cool right? ended up showing beth the plaza district (which i love) and ate at big truck tacos. delish!!

our last stop on tuesday was the oklahoma state capitol building. i had never been and shame on me for that. it is actually quite a cool place to tour and we enjoyed it immensely. i even took the kids out of school that day for our adventures and they loved it!

my lovelies left today to head back to california. can't wait for another adventure with them.

by far the best birthday i've had.....can't wait for next year!!

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