Thursday, April 14, 2011

addendum to birthday post

although this is going to seem quite comical, there were a few highlights i forgot to mention about my birthday. and since i'm claiming it was the best one yet, i figured i should give proper justice. just a quirk of mine i guess and the fact that i was extremely tired when i wrote yesterday and might have forgotten a couple of details that played great importance in the success of my birthday....

first of all, after my wonderful pedicure with ella i was treated to lunch by my fantastic friend amy at one of my favorite places, saturn grill. our time together is always great but this time was even greater b/c of the i will treasure and remember. so i have to give props where props are due.

next, i forgot to give a million thanks to my older sis and my husband for the parts they played in making my birthday celebration magnificent. the secrets they kept and the planning that happened played the most significant role in making my birthday the greatness that it was. they both took very good care of me (and the kids) and made my birthday even more amazing.

so to them i say thank you. and to everyone who made my weekend know who you are. now there, whew. i'm glad i did this. if not for the reader then for just myself. and since it's my blog and i'm 35 now, i can do what i want!!

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