Monday, May 9, 2011

mom, mommy, momma, mother, hey you

i've only been a mom for seven years. well almost seven years...this thursday. and in these seven years being a mom has come to mean so many different things to me. things i never thought i could think and things i never thought i could feel.

i would honestly kill for my kids. be it right or wrong, that is the way i feel. they are my heart, my smile, my song. they keep me going, they make me laugh, they make me cry, they have ways to get under my skin, they sometimes make me want to retire from being a mother (already). but they are greatness. and i wouldn't trade the opportunity of being a mom for anything.

i'm not perfect. i don't try to be. i'm me. and that's all i can give. and i feel pretty good about that. sometimes i yell, sometimes i scream, sometimes i cry. but i also love, and hug and teach and encourage and pray and live.

balance. that is key in my vocabulary.
dont' sweat the small the stuff. LITERALLY. don't sweat it. life is too short. and that stained new dress or ruined piece of furniture, you can't take it with you. what you can take is a feeling of satisfaction, that your kids felt loved and supported and had fun with life. i don't want my kids to remember getting in trouble, (although there is plenty of that, that comes with life) i want them to remember learning and growing and again, having fun.

this is my ode to motherhood. this is my journey. and these are the reasons i get to be celebrated and celebrate. (old pic, jake almost 3, ella almost 1..turning 5 and 7 this week)

and this woman is the reason i was brought into the world and get to experience motherhood. my mom. i love you. i miss you. you will never be forgotten and live every day in the hearts of your children and grandchildren. i hope you get to peek down from heaven and watch them every once in a while. you would be proud.

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