Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i've come to realize

1. i like making lists and i'll do it every now and then, especially when my thoughts are random.

2. there are ALOT of bloggers out there. i've found 3 people from high school so far...all of which have blogs and one person from high school who commented on my blog...CRAZY!

3. i'm still not sure how to comment to these people or tell them hi as they have done to me, i'll figure it out soon enough.

4. i listened to my daughter sing herself to sleep tonight. she wasn't crying, just singing. about her dad and cleaning. it was so wonderful!

5. i had an hour to myself...i mean all to myself and i spent it on the computer.....i must learn to re-prioritize.

6. i'm reading a good book right now called "sex god" by rob bell. don't judge unless you've read it. i think rob bell is a cool writer, a little out there sometimes, but aren't we all? 

7. jakob is now recognizing all his letters and some words. someone wrote "jake" on a piece of paper instead of "jakob", he was VERY disheartened that someone did NOT spell his name correctly and furthermore did not like my explanation.

8. i'm supposed to be receiving my final draft in the mail this week. it's wednesday, no draft. i'm trying not to be impatient.

9. i registered for "race for the cure" on monday night. it's october 4th. i'm beating cancer's a**!

10. some people will laugh because i wrote a**. some people will not.