Tuesday, September 16, 2008


that is the title of this post b/c that is what her cousin (or aunt cyndi as she is sometimes called) has deemed ella. she taught her that word soon after ella learned how to talk and that is now the name ella answers to. if you ask her a question regarding her disposition, she will always correct you and say "i'm precious." so that's what i'm dealing with. although cute, very fiesty! i felt like i should share a little about ella since i've been sharing vigorously about jakob. trust me ella does enough for a completely separate blog! she is all girl, as i have previously mentioned. she is full of energy and enjoys bugging her brother by saying the exact opposite of what he says, sometimes entertaining, sometimes i need advil. she loves to brush my hair and tie it up (pony tails) as well as have hers brushed and fixed...which is taken down within seconds only to be put right back up, this game could go on for hours. she enjoys singing her own songs about anything and learns a lot from jake....mostly good, some i prefer him not to share. nonetheless she is wonderful. she's cuddly, loves to give hugs and kisses (on her own time of course) and will talk your ear off just like her brother does...here are a few cute moments captured of ella.

this is ella posing when she and jakob had their pics taken in the park, cutie patootie!

ella playing dress up and isn't very happy b/c i'm making her change. she's probably telling me no in this picture. this is one of the many ensembles she's come up with. she now has a plethora of dress up clothes (thanks to aunt j'layne) and dresses up, or undresses about 3-4 times a day.

this is ella's cheese face. she loves taking pictures with any camera and loves to see herself on videos as well. i'm working on one to send to her tanta in california so i'll post it when it happens. i wish we had a video cam....i would much rather capture some of the sound that happens between jake and ella, there are times when pics don't do justice.
so thats just a little tidbit about ella. and i do have to share one more picture before i go for the night, jakob and ella were both singing and drawing on their magna-doodles yesterday. they were kind of having a friendly competition to see who could sing the loudest while drawing. it was actually one of the best sounds i've ever heard! they weren't yelling, just singing their own tunes....made my heart smile. after they finished, jake had completed his first family drawing and since i couldn't put it on the fridge for safe keeping, i had to take a picture so i could keep it forever since it was going to be erased in about 2.5 seconds...so here it is

brandon is the one on the left, then there's our house and jakob is in it with ella on his head, then i'm the one on the right. so cute! not bad for a four year old!
so all that leaves me feeling truly thankful and truly blessed. not just for the gift that God gave me in both of my children but for trusting me to take care of them and love them to the best of my ability. God is a good God and God of blessings that most of the time i don't deserve, so that's why i try, as each day passes to take care of those blessings for Him. i know a little sappy for me, but it's truth...and i can't be sarcastic allllll the time!


veronica said...

Like the new heading, liked the old also. i had to stare at it for a few minutes to realize what was different (you'll have brain farts some day, young 'un).

Totally different subject:
ashley almost beat some kid up because he said the stars suck and the red wings and black hawks are better teams. would have loved to have seen that! then he begging her forgiveness and said he was just kidding. i think he saw her eyes and got scared.

DeAndra said...

thanks for doing this sis...i'm getting a little piece of all the stuff i miss out on :) love you like crazies!