Sunday, September 14, 2008

we made up

even though jakob wasn't upset with me, after saturday there's no way he could've remembered being the last one at pre-k. (just a side note, i'm trying to type this with ella crawling all over my back and shoulders supposedly playing with my hair) she's precious!
so saturday was our golf tournament at church, they needed extra help and i always like volunteering so i decided to go. i didn't want to have to leave both kids with someone for the day so i decided to take jakob with me...ella is still a little young to enjoy a day of golf, hopefully one day! 
so saturday morning we dropped ella off at my sister's house and headed to rose creek golf course. jakob has been to the driving range with brandon before but never around a golf course. just a little background info, jakob has been hitting the ball since he was about one, soon after he started walking. brandon loves the sport and jakob got a plastic set for his 1st birthday. it didn't take him long to really enjoy it and for his age, then and now, he has quite the swing. 
we got to the club and jakob was the center of attention for a few minutes before the golfers set out for the day. they were very amused by his clubs and his "slow motion" swing. (he walks you through step by step)
he was able to hit a few balls around the course, we rode around on the golf cart all day, he did a bunch of practice putting and got to play one real hole of golf with his dad. he absolutely loved it. didn't want to quit and wanted to keep going. brandon is of course hoping we have a little tiger on our hands, i can't say it wouldn't be cool. he definitely enjoys it and of course it will be his decision in the future to keep playing. but for now, he's coached by his dad and enjoys hitting the ball. we've had to take away real golf balls in the backyard and go to nerf ones b/c his distance is getting longer. ha ha! even as i type this he's got one of his plastic clubs and is practicing his swing (a little closer to ella's head than i prefer) but none the less, he tries to be careful. so that was our saturday, topped off by a win from the sooners. a great saturday!

practice putting, he did really good. he's definitely ready for putt-putt!
his shot off the tee box. not as far as his "team" but pretty darn good for a 4 year old!

jakob and his team (he's the short one)
zeke, blake, jakob, dad and steven

jake putting on hole #5, loving every minute!


Veronica said...

Yeah Jake!!

Jill (Hulsey) King said...

Hey Dorynda! It's Jill (Hulsey) King from good old West. Saw your comment on Amy's blog and thought I'd come check yours out. You look fabulous and have beautiful children. I had to comment on the dad is the golf coach at SNU. He could hook you up! Keep writing. Those of us who can't do it well can live vicariously through you!