Friday, September 12, 2008

mom of the year

ummmm, nope not even close. i'm not really sure why i'm doing this b/c although comments have been few on my blog, i'm certain this one will bring some caddy remarks. but alas, it truly is a funny story so i feel the need to share. plus i'm bored right now waiting on brandon to get home so why not right?
jakob goes to pre-k from 12:30 to 3:00pm. usually during this time ella and i run errands. it's our time together...she enjoys shopping with me, and i enjoy only have one child to chase around the store if need be. 
today ella and i ventured off to target which is a good 20 minutes away. we spent quite a bit of time there, i hadn't been in quite a while and they had some cutie patootie clothes that i had to mill through for my children. no i didn't walk away empty handed, got a few things, not as many as i'd like of course, b/c well, i'm related to my mom, who was, THE shopping queen. so in her absence i just pick up where she left off...i know i'm a good daughter. i digress, followed by target i have to stop by the cutest/coolest store in okc thus far called blue seven. i've been there before, this time i didn't really have time or NEED to shop, but i did need to drop in and pick up one item. it's 2:30, i have time. i get into the store, pick up what i need, chase ella around for a couple of mintues and we're off....or so i thought. 
through the endless amount of RED lights i encountered as well as slow drivers, i was on the road to jakob's school and nearly there by 3:20pm. a few minutes late, i thought there would still be a line of cars waiting to get their children as there is every day. before i arrive at the school, my phone rings, on the other end is my sweetie pie of a husband saying "so what's this i hear about jakob being the last one at school and there's no one there to pick him up?" 
great, my heart sinks...then i think, brandon has played many tricks on me before, perhaps he's just kidding around with i say "what? you're joking me right? someone called you?" and he replies, "no, i'm not kidding, a teacher just called me and said jakob was left at school." my heart sinks even further. best mom award? i think not!
so i drive even faster, wheel around the corner to see NO LINE OF CARS. he was right, jakob was the LAST one there. i jump out of the car and run inside, only to see him sitting calmly looking at/reading a book about numbers. he looks up "MOM! you're here!" and smiling and running he comes to give me a hug. doesn't whine or complain hasn't been crying, just hugs on me! UGH! heartstrings tugged! he looks up at me with his cute little face and says, "can i have my sucker now?" oh of course you can! and i rip it open and apologize over and over for being late.....of which he doesn't even realize my tardiness and is just glad to be eating his sucker. 
so there you have it. something i never wanted to do, happened today. and although i'm fine, jake's fine, everyone is fine, i'm praying it never happens again. small potatoes to some, but to me, being on time is key. but as my dear friend ever so sweetly put it "it's not like you took him to the state fair and dropped him off so you could go shopping." true folks, so true!


Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

oohhh that's a good one!

Veronica said...

I sit here stunned. I sit here in tears. I sit here betrayed.

That's it lady, I'm starting the papers today to get that wonderful PERFECT child moved to Mesquite. I have given you chance after chance, but this just erased every good thing you and B have ever done.

DeAndra said...

i miss you guys toooooo much!!!!