Tuesday, April 19, 2011

twas a great saturday

the weather was perfect. nothing was planned. relaxing and laughing was on the agenda. i love these times with my family.
the day started off with a run in the park, followed by a walk around the neighborhood while the kids rode their bikes. gorgeous weather. did i say that already?
i had the urge to watch baseball movies so after we played a few rounds of hot potato with the kids outside, we grilled some dogs and burgers and enjoyed the "sandlot" and "field of dreams". two of my faves.
it was perfect. and i loved the whole day. the end.


DeAndra said...

a day is always made better with baseball :)

Sadia Komal said...

Nice Sharing, thanx

Melinda Gray said...

LIke this...Nice to "meet" another christian mommy..